The Reflection Music Group movement continues to deliver inspirational vibes for fans to enjoy. Just before 2023 arrived, the label’s co-founder, Derek Minor, marked his return with a new single titled “Pressure,” a self-produced offering that features Thi’sl and Aaron Cole. Simply put, the track is centered around pushing through obstacles while on the path to success:

“They say pressure make diamonds, but I feel a lot of pressure on my back lately, and I wanna give up, but I gotta put the world on my back baby, I done came from a lot just to get to the top like ahh, it’s a whole lot of pressure, but i’m still applying pressure…”

Via press release, Minor broke down the song’s positive theme in further detail: “When you are striving for greatness, it comes with tons of pressure. The temptation is to fold under that pressure and accept defeat. [‘Pressure’] is meant to motivate people to stay the course and rise to the occasion.”

The hard-hitting collaboration also boasts a matching visual that shows the Nashville native and Thi’sl delivering their rhymes from different locations, including on a porch, in front of a tire shop, and from inside of a classic Oldsmobile convertible. While heard, Cole doesn’t make an actual appearance in the short clip.

Months before the arrival of “Pressure,” Minor liberated the seven-song EP Nolan and Zane’s Lofi Adventures, a project created in honor of his two children. Prior to that, he released the hard-hitting Highlight Tapes, Vol. 1 in 2021, complete with additional contributions from Foggieraw, Parris Chariz, Tony Tillman, Jon Keith, Scootie Wop, A.I. The Anomaly, and more. Currently, he’s said to be putting the finishing touches on a new LP titled Nobody’s Perfect. Press play on Minor’s “Pressure” video with Thi’sl and Aaron Cole below.