Back in December of last year, Jake Vicious teamed up with DMV peer Dyson Alexander and Bronx TikTok star Jufu for “My Mind,” an EasyTapez-backed offering packed with melodic, emotionally charged lines about requited love and staying focused on the career grind:

“I been on my s**t tryna run it up, you say it ain’t enough, you been holding me down so much, that’s how I’m holding up, yea, you know they ain’t gonn’ f**k with us, yea, I been on the road so much, and I done caught a rush, yea, I been all in it so much I know it can’t be lust, you been holding me down so much, losing my mind tryna find a way to get to you, but I’m out late at night getting high, I’m just tryna get by, I been in my head so much tryna face it, thinking bout you all night long, we gon’ make it…”

Via press release, Vicious further explained how “My Mind” came together:

“This record was the first time myself and Dyson collaborated with Jufu,” he said. “After coming off of such a huge hit as ‘Who R U,’ we really wanted to help him and his manager Don craft something special. Once Easy hit us with the beat and Jufu started writing, the song became special. I think we all struggle with connecting to the people we love the most at times. Dyson and Jufu were just able to describe that feeling best sonically.”

Prior to “My Mind,” Vicious made serious waves in the D.C. area as a producer and engineer for the Grammy Award-winning House Studios, an entity that has helped to create hits for Kendrick Lamar, Wale, Future, and more. Within his own portfolio, Vicious has assisted behind the boards for everyone from legends like Faith Evans to current frontrunners like Ari Lennox. Press play on his latest with Jufu and Dyson Alexander below.