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  /  01.21.2023

Apparently, it is time for almost everyone to put some respect on Raven-Symoné’s name because we have been saying it wrong her entire career.

On Thursday (Jan. 19), Raven hopped on the popular TikTok trend of using a sound bite from 1998’s Chucky featuring actress Jessica Tilly. In it, Tilly says, “Shut up, it is not. No, it’s not.” To which another actress emphatically responds, “Yes, it is.”

Raven could not have chosen a better segment of audio to lip-sync as she gave an unexpected lesson on how to properly say her name in six short seconds. Unbeknownst to fans, her name, specifically Symoné, is not pronounced: “Simone.” Instead, according to the “That’s So Raven” star, it is “See-mon-ye,” meaning that accented “é” was not just for decoration but actually required extra inflection.

“Those who know… KNO… fit was cray that day,” the former Cosby kid simply captioned the video. Still, her followers were confused at how everyone missed the memo, including their childhood favorite, the Disney Channel. One person commented, “Who gonna fire them Disney announcers [’cause] I been lied to my whole childhood. What’s next? Goofy was a cat?”

Another fan remarked, “Sigh. Here we go. You never told us this, Raven. How we suppose to know this?” “Queen are you telling me I’ve been saying it wrong my WHOLE D**N LIFE?!? I am deeply upset by this,” wrote another. And at least one person said it was too late in the game for Raven to switch things up. “I can’t wrap my head around this. You let this run on for too long. You’re gonna have to change the pronunciation at this point,” the individual commented.

At this point, people are still trying to get over the fact that Denzel Washington had to school everyone on how his first name is actually pronounced. And we won’t get into how people disagree on how the Barbados beauty Rihanna says her name. It’s all just too much.

Peep Raven’s quick pronunciation lesson below.

@ravensymoneThose who know…KNOW… fit was cray that day.♬ original sound – Taylor Dean



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