Kevin Gates openly shows passion for making love. The Louisiana rapper is often transparent when discussing his sex escapades, and today (Jan. 13), a clip has gone viral of him confessing to drinking a woman’s urine while driving.

On Monday (Jan. 9), the “Satellites” rapper appeared on the “Fancy Talk Show,” and when the interviewer asked about his thoughts on urine during sex, he admitted to enjoying it. “I love it,” said Gates. “I love for a woman to piss in my mouth, that’s beautiful.”

He even spoke of a time he indulged in it without the act of intercourse. He said he once drank a woman’s urine while operating a motor vehicle. “I had a woman pee in a cup while I was driving and I drink it, right there, because there was just nothing. I was so infatuated with this woman to where there was nothing about her that was nasty.”

Gates did confirmed the health of the woman and described the taste he got from drinking her pee. “She super clean. She’s like me. She drink nothing but water all day, so her piss ain’t got no taste.”

This isn’t the first time he made a public statement about this topic. In June of 2022, he did the “Bootleg Kev” show, and there, he said he would drink Beyoncé’s pee.

“To be honest, and this is with all due respect, that’s one of the most beautiful women in the world,” he expressed. “I sit in the trap with all the monsters, they say the same thing. All I did is say what everybody thinks. You the most beautiful woman in the world. I would drink your piss.”

A golden shower is just one of the sexual things Gates loves to do. In July of last year, he stopped by REVOLT’s “Caresha Please” and revealed his top 12 freakiest moments. On this very topic, he had this to say: “I like to get pissed on all on my face and let it run on my chest.” That episode broke viewership records as it generated more than 1 billion impressions online.