Back in 2013, a kid named Dieunerst Collin was at a Popeyes when a man decided to put him on camera, joking that the child resembled the Vine celebrity Terio. The video turned Collin into a viral sensation with scores of others using the clip to humorously symbolize feelings of awkwardness or discomfort. Fast forward to today, and Collin is now a talented football player. Coming off his high school’s championship win in East Orange, New Jersey, the now-18-year-old is a decorated offensive lineman who plays for Lake Erie College’s Division II team.

On Sunday (Jan. 8), Collin took to Instagram to reach out to Popeyes, delivering a short message that eventually caught the fast-food chain’s attention. Judging from a Twitter message posted on Tuesday (Jan. 10), it appears that the chicken empire has partnered with Collin for an NIL deal:

In response to the big news, Collin told USA Today that he “will be promoting that business like crazy.” He also stated that his life initially became “overwhelming,” especially in regard to being in school:

“It would affect me… to the point where it was like, ‘I don’t ever want to walk outside ever again.'”

As previously reported by REVOLT, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced in 2021 that athletes in all three of their divisions would be able to earn money from their respective sport. Dubbed an NIL deal (which stands for name, image, and likeness), those who qualify can receive checks for anything from selling photos and autographs to brand agreements with major companies. Hercy Miller, the son of Master P, scored a $2 million ambassadorship deal with tech entity Web Apps America, making him one of the first to benefit from NCAA’s groundbreaking decision. Originally at Tennessee State University, Miller now holds a guard position at the University of Louisville.