After achieving viral success thanks to her “Don’t Play With It” single featuring Billy B, Lola Brooke kept her momentum going all throughout 2022 with songs like “Dummy Ummy,” “On My Mind,” “Gator Season,” and most recently, “Here I Come.” Now, the rising star is riding the wave of her breakout year straight into 2023. Yesterday (Jan. 10), the “718 Princess” officially announced she signed to Arista Records in collaboration with Team Eighty Productions.

David Massey, president and CEO of Arista Records, released a statement about the newest member of his team. “Lola is the rare talent whose presence matches her message. Her music is larger-than-life, but her vision is just as powerful. We’re excited to welcome her to the Arista Records family,” he said via press release.

Kendell “Sav” Freeman, the label’s vice president and co-head of urban music, added, “From the moment I saw and heard Lola Brooke, I knew it was imperative that I sign her. She’s an elite rapper and a born performer with an undeniable vision. Lola has an amazing work ethic, her music is phenomenal, and her personality is unmatched. I’m excited for everyone to witness her path to greatness in 2023.”

Last month, REVOLT sat down with the Bedford-Stuyvesant native for an interview where she reflected on how much her career has changed. “Last year, I was thinking, ‘Damn, I wish I had more things to do. I wish I was doing this and that.’ And now, I finally got it. There are some days that I do get tired, but I always get tired, and I know how to work through that. It’s also important to get rest as well. I can’t complain about something that I’ve been wanting for years — nearly two decades,” she said.