The family of Gucci Mane’s late 1017 artist Big Scarr recently held a memorial service for the Memphis rapper, and following the funeral, controversy sparked about who covered the cost.

Yesterday (Jan. 9), Scarr’s father cleared up all the rumors when he went on his Instagram Live. During the streaming, he began his statements by first thanking Atlantic Records and Gucci for their help in the funeral payments.

“First of all, I got to send shouts out to Atlantic Records, man,” he stated. “Gucci, I got to send shouts out to Gucci too. Y’all might not like it but I got to give my boy what he did, man. He gave my son a major, major chance man. I can’t let y’all throw dude under the bus like that. Come on now, the truth is the truth, man. I gave nobody permission to do that.”

Then he confirmed two separate payments that totaled $20,000. He said the Atlanta rapper sent $10,000, the record company sent $10,000 and he paid the difference.

“They sent they 10 bands, Gucci, he sent his 10 bands, I covered the rest,” he clarified before thanking the 1017 label owner again. “I appreciate that big time. Certain things was said that shouldn’t have been said. It was wrong. Man to man, I wish somebody would’ve just dialed my [number] and talked to your guy 100. All this out of control.”

He concluded the video by saying his son benefitted greatly from being signed to Gucci and validated the “Wasted” rapper’s wife’s, Keyshia Ka’Oir, claim of sending flowers with the monies:

“Gucci and them was the best thing that ever happened to my son. Nobody deserves this here. Shouts out to everybody who sent flowers. Gucci sent flowers. He did what he could. He ain’t have to do none of that. I just wish I was the one being talked to, so we could have that understood.”

On Dec. 22, Big Scarr, whose real name was Alexander Woods, passed from an apparent overdose while at his girlfriend’s house. It’s uncertain what exact drugs he used and whether or not they were prescribed.