Shanquella Robinson would have been 26 years old yesterday (Jan. 9). Instead of celebrating with family and friends, her loved ones are demanding answers and justice regarding her death. As previously reported by REVOLT, in late October, the Charlotte, North Carolina woman traveled to Cabo, Mexico for a vacation with friends, but never returned.

Soon after, a video appeared on social media of the 25-year-old being savagely beaten by one of her friends at the vacation villa. In the clip, Shanquella was naked and seemingly incoherent, while others from the group did nothing to intervene. The friends told her parents she died from alcohol poisoning, left her body at the rental property and returned to America. Although the case received international attention, last month, Shanquella’s mother admitted there’d been a lull in any new developments. “I’m just trying to wait for somebody to be arrested. The FBI is not telling anything,” Salamondra Robinson shared.

On Sunday (Jan. 8), those close to Shanquella gathered in her memory near her gravesite at Beatties Ford Memorial Gardens for a balloon release. North Carolina news station FOX 8 spoke to the victim’s uncle, Carl Drakeford, who said, “​​We missed her for Thanksgiving, for Christmas. It’s really hard on the family. We really love her, and I know she’s in God’s hands.” Salamondra added, “I’m not really talking to investigators anyway. And when I was trying to talk to them, they won’t tell you anything. They don’t want you to mess up their investigation, and I’m not trying to mess up their investigation. I want them to find out everything that they need to find out and justice will be served.”

An arrest warrant was issued in November for the suspect, but authorities did not publicly provide a name. At the time, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, a local prosecutor for the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, revealed the “alleged perpetrator [was] a friend of [Shanquella]” and “the direct aggressor.”