As previously reported by REVOLT, things at ABC’s headquarters recently got a little messy after the network temporarily benched two of its “GMA3” anchors due to a bombshell cheating scandal. Earlier this month, despite both being married to other people, T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were spotted canoodling on a romantic weekend getaway. Photos showed the anchors holding hands and, in one video, Holmes was caressing Robach’s butt.

Before the compromising images were released to the public, Holmes and his wife, immigration attorney Marilee Fiebig, had been married for 13 years. A source told the New York Post that Fiebig “never thought about [Holmes cheating] with Amy because they were friends. Amy’s daughter was their daughter’s babysitter.” Multiple outlets noted this wasn’t his first time being accused of having relations with a woman he worked with and that his wife previously believed it was a different ABC employee. Holmes and Fiebig, both 45, have a 9-year-old daughter together named Sabine Holmes. He also has two other children, Brianna and Jaiden Holmes, from a previous marriage.

According to USA Today, T.J. filed for divorce in New York City yesterday (Dec. 28). While the news of their split came as no surprise, the fact that the news anchor did the filing had people talking on social media. “It is wild that he had like three affairs (that we know of) and has been carrying on with his colleague for months, and HE was the one who filed for divorce. Lady. You should have left his a** long ago,” one tweet read. Another user wrote, “The disrespect of T.J. Holmes having to be the one to file for a divorce!!! What?”

On Dec. 5, ABC News President Kim Godwin called the co-anchor’s actions “an internal and external disruption” and said she “wanted to do what’s best for the organization.” Godwin added, “These decisions are not easy; they are not knee-jerk, but they are necessary for the brand and for our priority, which you guys know are all of us, the people here at ABC. I really want to remind [everyone] what kind of organization we are. We are kind, we are inclusive. We are respectful and we are transparent, and we are focused on the work.”

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