The Knicks are currently one of the hottest teams in the NBA, and Cam’ron seems to have figured out why they were losing miserably in the past. He blames Spike Lee.

Yesterday (Dec. 21), the Harlem rapper took it to Instagram and uploaded a parody video of him being humorously held hostage at gunpoint while he’s reading a note telling the legendary filmmaker he’s not good for his hometown basketball squad. In the letter, Cam strongly suggested that Lee not come to Madison Square Garden to watch the Knicks courtside as he normally does.

“Dear Spike Lee, please do not come back to Madison Square Garden as you’re bad luck to the New York Knicks,” read the “Hey Ma” rapper. “We haven’t won s**t since you been a ticket holder and all you do is kiss other players’ a** — pause — from other teams when they come. We felt it was disrespectful when you was through another man’s legs — pause — taking pictures of Steph Curry. Please don’t come back… And your movies suck — pause — except for Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X. We out.”

In the video’s caption, Cam left a disclaimer stating that he was forced to read the letter and there is a petition with 912,568 signatures requesting Lee, a Knicks season ticker holder, not come back to the Garden. In addition, he suggested that the Crooklyn producer stay home, but he ended the disclaimer by admitting to loving his movies:

“Spike, my bad, they had me at gunpoint. They said the Knicks are doing good right now. Leave while they’re ahead. @sencity730 spearheaded (pause) this and @lil_bub helped. They had a petition for you not to come back to the garden with 912,568 signatures. They said watch from home. Or else. I’m scared Sb: I like ya movies, Spike. 🙏🏾.”

The Knicks were on an eight-game winning streak before losing to the Toronto Raptors last night behind Pascal Siakam’s 52 points.