Tyler, the Creator is encouraging his younger fans to take time to closely study Missy Elliott’s discography.

The move comes on the heels of the Virginia native taking to Twitter to give the inside scoop behind some of her most iconic albums. “To my younger fans, go study all [of] her [albums],” Tyler wrote in response to one of Missy’s tweets on Wednesday (Dec. 7). “‘Pass That Dutch’ beat still blows my mind. Go watch the ‘Hot Boyz’ video. See how she approached ‘Lick Shots’ and ‘Gossip Folks’ with her voice. [Capital] M!”

In fact, Missy not only shed light on the creativity that went into bringing her albums to life, but opened up about the pressure to deliver that her and legendary producer Timbaland felt following their massive success. She noted that their collaborations spanned across five of her albums, which started with the 1997 classic Supa Dupa Fly and continued up through This Is Not a Test in 2003.

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“My [first] album was stress-free because I didn’t have any expectations,” Missy explained. “My label told me they would give me my own label if I did [one] album, so me [and] Timbaland completed this album in [two] weeks not knowing this would be the beginning of many more to come.”

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As previously reported by REVOLT, it’s not uncommon for fellow entertainers to adorn Missy with her well-earned flowers. Fellow rapper Busta Rhymes opened up about his love for the visionary emcee. “That’s my twin sister,” he expressed in a recent interview with Billboard. “I love her on [indescribable] levels. She has been moving out here in such a phenomenally iconic way. She just got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year. She just got a street named after her. She got a doctorate, I believe. And I just saw that she recently got her [Madame Tussauds] statue. Her s**t is on a whole ‘nother level of [iconic] right now. So I’m super proud. Congrats to Missy.”