Kid Cudi’s next album may be his last for a while — and it could arrive sooner than fans expected.

On Friday (Dec. 2), Cudi told his fans on Twitter that he’s recorded more than enough material to release another project. “[Eleven] songs in [five] days. My goal was to do a whole new album worth of songs this week. [Twelve] was my goal. Might get 14,” he tweeted.

The rapper released his latest album, Entergalactic, on Sept. 30. The effort also inspired an animated film of the same name. As fans know, the “Day ’n’ Nite” musician said he only needed to release one more project to fulfill his contract with Republic Records.

After the 2023 Grammy nominations were announced last month, he told his fans not to be upset that his name was missing from this list. “Music [awards] shows have been virtually ignoring me for over 10 years. I see people upset that I didn’t get a nomination, but it’s ok, y’all. The acting world will be kinder to me. I’m already winning awards for Entergalactic, and when Emmy season comes around, we’ll see what time it is,” Cudi tweeted.

The Need for Speed actor said part of the reason he wants to take a break from music is that he simply became bored and wants to pour himself into other passion projects. “I have other desires; I have other things I want to do,” he told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in September. Cudi continued: “I do not see me never making music. I’ll always f**k around in the studio or make something here and there. But as far as getting in the studio and working on an album, and then going and touring it, I just don’t have it in me. I don’t have the desire.”

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