Roddy Ricch has cleared up any questions when it comes to how much he makes for festivals and other major shows. Over the weekend, a clip surfaced of the Compton rapper discussing his fee on Joe Budden’s podcast and his price left Budden and his co-hosts, Ish and Ice, stunned.

“How much would you offer Roddy right now?” the “High Fashion” artist asked his interviewers. “I don’t know what your normal rate be, fam,” Ish responded. Ricch then asked Budden if he could name the correct amount. The veteran rapper questioned if it was the price for a festival and thought for a moment: “Man, a festival. Roddy Ricch is giving me an hour.” Ish interjected with his guess, offering “[$50, 000]. The 24-year-old appeared slightly offended by the amount. Others in the background were heard telling Ish to go up on his price.

“Do you see what he has on his neck, son?” Ice said as the cameraman showed off Ricch’s impressive collection of diamond chains. The group laughed and joked before Budden came back with another offer. “You see me thinking n**ga, chill… I’m giving you a buck n**ga, a buck twenty-five for an hour,” Budden shared semi-confidently. “That’s crazy. I’ll hang up on you,” Ricch replied with a smile. As the host upped his price to “$350,” Ricch finally gave his rate. “Nah, half a million,” the young musician revealed. With the older hosts clearly surprised, the “late at night” rapper assured them he was being honest.

Once the clip was posted, others seemed to be taken aback as well, prompting Ricch to post proof online. In a since-expired Instagram Story, he shared a photo of a contract from the summer. In June, Ricch was scheduled to perform at the Governor’s Ball in New York. The documentation revealed the artist was promised a $50,000 deposit one month before the festival and $450,000 within two days before his performance. The California native is aware of his blessed bank account, though. On ​​Nov. 18, his Feed Tha Streets III album dropped, and he celebrated by paying for groceries for Los Angeles residents ahead of the Thanksgiving holidays.