As previously reported by REVOLT, Chris Brown’s scheduled performance at the 2022 American Music Awards never saw the light of day. The “Under The Influence” artist was set to hit the stage on Sunday (Nov. 20), but execs nixed the act at the last moment. Ciara later hinted that she was supposed to join him for a Michael Jackson tribute, which prompted fans to urge the two to still find a way to release it.

“The Grammys would be idiots not to pick up ABC’s fumble. We need this Chris Brown [and] Ciara performance, especially for an MJ tribute. It’s long overdue,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “Ciara [and] Chris Brown are really MJ’s children. When one door closes, another one opens!! TRUST!” The tweets came after Brown shared rehearsal footage on social media following the network’s decision to cut the performance.

Yesterday (Nov. 21), Ciara shared behind-the-scenes footage as well of the two preparing for the AMAs. “MJ, thank you for the inspiration you’ve given us all! Thriller 40th Anniversary. @ChrisBrown you’re a rare breed of this generation. Always fun to rock with you,” the songstress tweeted. Her reveal sent social media into a frenzy. “Somebody gone have to pay for robbing us from seeing Chris Brown and Ciara dance together again,” a fan wrote. The post included a clip of the singers, also known for their awe-inspiring dance moves, performing together at a past BET Awards show. Another person added, “I’m pissed even more. No way we had to miss out on this omfggg. They would’ve bodied asf. COUNT YOUR F**KING DAYS AMAs #Ciara #ChrisBrown.”

Even John Branca, a famed entertainment lawyer who represents Jackson’s estate, entered the chat. “How do you pull a performance of Chris Brown and Ciara? They gave an award to Chris Brown for Best R&B Artist. He’s one of the greatest, if not the greatest entertainer, living in the world today. A tribute they would’ve done [for] Michael Jackson, the greatest performer who ever lived, would’ve been epic. It’s what people wanted to see,” Branca said in a video clip. Hopefully, other outlets hear the requests loud and clear and fans will still get to see the routine soon.

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