The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has officially launched an investigation to get to the bottom of what happened to Shanquella Robinson.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Robinson was found dead a day after leaving Charlotte, North Carolina for a trip with friends to Cabo, Mexico to celebrate her birthday. Initially, her mother was told that her daughter passed away from alcohol poisoning. A further investigation later showed that this was not the case. “After they said it was alcohol poisoning, we received the autopsy report on Thursday, and it said that her neck had been broken and she had a back spasm,” Salamondra Robinson told WBTV 3. “That took it to a whole ‘nother level because that meant somebody had attacked her.”

On Tuesday (Nov. 15), alarming cell phone footage surfaced online showing Robinson being brutally beaten by one of the alleged friends attending the trip. Her father revealed that they will stop at nothing to figure out what happened to their daughter. “By the grace of God, I think I am going to get to the bottom of this,” said Bernard Robinson. “God ain’t gonna fail. It’s going to come out. I’m not giving up. I am very confident that I am going to have peace of mind.” In addition to that, the state attorney general of Baja California Sur aims to leave no stone unturned in the case.

“The PGJE maintains the lines of investigations to collect more evidence to achieve the accurate clarification of the events, without ruling out any hypothesis,” wrote WSOC TV reporter Joe Bruno via Twitter. Read the full post below.

Per the local Charlotte news outlet, “Anyone with related photos or video” has been asked to contact the FBI. Robinson’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday (Nov. 19). “All I’ve been doing is just crying, trying to figure out what happened,” her father continued in the interview. “I can’t even be a grandfather, can’t even walk her down the aisle, she’s gone.”