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  /  11.17.2022

As the holidays approach, many are remembering the life of 27-year-old Leighane Melsadie Redmond and her 3-year-old daughter Melsadie Adella-Rae Parris. On Feb. 18, 2019, the United Kingdom resident took her toddler to nearby train tracks and walked in front of an oncoming locomotive.

According to The Sun, Detective Sergeant Simon Rees of the British Transport Police told reporters and local media outlets that the young mother was behind on various payments. Sources say Redmond owed just above $1,500 in rent, around $345 to her electricity provider and about $660 for gas. The young mother had recently gone to court as the companies tried to collect their late payments. Detective Rees told the press, “Leighane Redmond had several debts in several forms. She was behind on her rent, etcetera.” CCTV footage showed her pacing back and forth with her daughter near a train station before walking onto the tracks.

Authorities said on the morning of Redmond’s death, she visited her father’s home with her child where she checked her bank account. After seeing her balance, she made a phone call to a potential employer then called her landlord and had a “fairly lengthy” conversation. Around 6 p.m., officials said Redmond and her daughter got into an Uber and traveled to Beaconsfield. During that trip, the 27-year-old reportedly tried to call her mother, but the call did not go through. The two then arrived at Taplow train station.

The detective added that Redmond’s behavior at the station was “not normal,” but her toddler seemed to be “at ease” with her mother on the security footage. Eventually, the young mother placed herself and the child onto the direct path of an oncoming train. “My heart breaks for the family and friends of Leighane Melsadie Redmond and her beautiful daughter. There’s so many people in that same situation, man. May God help and protect us all,” one person tweeted today (Nov. 17). Another wrote, “People are going through a lot and everyone has their breaking point. Just be kind, you never know how you impact someone else.”

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