Currently, Saweetie is putting the finishing touches on her highly anticipated debut album. Throughout the last year and change, she has dropped off a handful of well-received previews like “Closer” featuring H.E.R., “Fast (Motion),” and “Icy Chain.” Today (Nov. 17), the Bay Area-bred rapper puts her foot on the gas with her brand new single “DON’T SAY NOTHIN.'” On the track, she spits about an ex-lover who shares their private business:

“Don’t you tell nobody we f**kin’, shut your mouth n***a don’t say nothin’/ Why n***as always speaking on who I’m f**kin’ on, he must have got excited when I FaceTimed with nothing on/ The same lips that’s talkin’ be the same ones I nutted on/ 100K please, do you know how much paper I be touchin’ on? That’s light/ Better check my net worth, post a pic in a sweatshirt and bet it have my ex hurt/ That’s what I get for kissing on these frogs, got mad and told my business to the blogs”

In a brand new interview with Zane Lowe, Saweetie delved into her intentions with the new record. “I was venting about all my experiences when I thought that I was dealing with a man that I can trust, and then it turns out he had a big mouth,” she revealed. “It was a lot of storytelling and I just put all my experiences into one song. I feel like that sound is the reason why I’m here, and I never want to turn my back on what made me great.”

Outside of her own releases, the “Tap In” rapper can be heard featured on recent tracks like “Move” by Lil Tjay, “Faking Love” by Anitta, “All She Wanna Do” by John Legend, “Baby Boo” by Muni Long, and more.

Be sure to press play on Saweetie’s brand new “DON’T SAY NOTHIN'” single down below.