Tomorrow will mark a full year since Young Dolph was tragically killed in Memphis. Following his passing, Tennessee and Georgia passed bills declaring Nov. 17 “Adolph ‘Young Dolph’ Thornton Jr. Day of Service,” when individuals from both states and beyond are asked to provide something beneficial to their communities. Speaking on behalf of Dolph’s nonprofit The IdaMae Family Foundation, his sister, Carlisa Brown, released an official statement confirming that they will use what has become Young Dolph Service Day for that very purpose in honor of the late Paper Route CEO:

“On behalf of The IdaMae Family Foundation and Young Dolph’s family, we will continue the legacy of charity, philanthropy, and helping those in need as Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. did. His community efforts and traditions will continue and much more. His spirit of giving will continue to live in us as it did in him until his passing. We hope that those who truly supported him will take Young Dolph Service Day as a day to give back and help those that need the assistance as he did! Anyone can give, serve, and help someone in need.”

Former Tennessee State Senator Katrina Robinson further explained the importance of the special day:

“Young Dolph’s Day of Service solidifies his legacy of philanthropy and compassion. Many know Dolph as an artist. Few know him as a family man, humanitarian, father, mentor, friend, and a leader to his community. Our youth respond to those who they can identify with. The story of leaders of our past and those who seem out of reach to our youth, don’t always resonate with them. That’s why this is important… His day of service is not only a day to commemorate his work but also to inspire the next generation to be a light to their own just as he was.”

Those interested in contributing to Young Dolph Service Day can head here for additional information.