The younger generation of rappers today have been putting in a lot of work and their efforts do not, and will not, go unnoticed. With social media being at the biggest stage it has ever been, it is much easier for artists to connect with fans on a personal level as well as build anticipation for new music and other things that can assist with artist-fan morale. Moreover, you do not have to understand rocket science to know that the hotter an artist becomes, the higher the demand will be for content. In NoCap’s case, the demand for his work is reaching new heights every day. This past weekend, the 24-year-old rapper dropped off a visual for his latest single “DNA,” and fans are already looking forward to his next body of work.

The YouTube-only single and music video arrives months after his debut album, Mr. Crawford, as well as a few singles, including “Nothing’s Changing” and “Valuable Souls.” It is clear as day that NoCap has had a successful 2022, and he is only going to keep applying pressure moving forward.

Melodically, some soft guitars control the single’s tune. His label often works with sounds like these to build up a catalog of melancholy street tales. In comparison to some of the horns or pianos used by many other trap artists, “DNA” is more soulful and emotional. The Never Broke Again rapper’s immense vocal runs also add to that sentimental core. Check out his latest release now and keep an eye out for upcoming music releases from NoCap.