Ludacris’ love for the A is so real that the Atlanta Braves made him an honorary member of the team. To commemorate the moment, the Fast & Furious actor showed off the baseball team’s gift to him — a World Series championship ring.

Last November, the Braves defeated the Houston Astros in Game 6 of the World Series. The victory marked the team’s first championship win since 1995. In an Instagram video posted on Saturday (Nov. 5), Derek Schiller, the team’s president and CEO, presented Luda with the new bling at the Braves’ Cobb County stadium, Truist Park. In a matrimony-inspired presentation, Schiller asked the “Southern Hospitality” rapper if he was willing to wed the team through “sickness and in health, through wins and losses, more wins than losses.”

“It says Ludacris on there. I can’t believe this, I’m shaking,” joked Luda, who finally exclaimed, “Yes, I do!” In another video, the area code connoisseur showed off the ring as he joked that he was an official member of the team.

The ring — made of 18.71-karat white gold and 14-karat yellow gold — contains 755 diamonds, 19 genuine rubies, and one genuine pearl. Each ring includes the player’s signature as well as a host of other details, including a miniature replica of Truist Park, the franchise’s signature “A,” and the team’s slogan. According to Forbes, the ring cost roughly $25,000.

Outkast’s Big Boi is another honorary recipient of the team’s championship ring. The Atlanta native and Ludacris both performed during the team’s World Series championship parade and celebration. “This is up there with winning Album of the Year, the Grammy, and performing at the Super Bowl. It’s the same thing,” he said on the “Throwing Fits” podcast. “It’s for the city. The last time we won the World Series is when we first started [Outkast].”

Peep Ludacris’ new bling for yourself in the post below.