/  01.04.2020

Ludacris is kicking off the year with dual citizenship. The Atlanta rapper recently revealed that he is now a citizen of his wife Eudoxie’s home country – Gabon, Africa. In a video shared on social media, Luda wrote, “Starting My New Year off with Dual Citizenship. AFRICA IM OFFICIAL!! Momma & Kids Too. The Best Gift of the Decade Award goes to @eudoxie #thebridges.” 

“Ladies and gentleman I have just became an official citizen of Gabon! Of Africa!” Luda said, while holding his Gabonese passport. He then made a joke referencing Eddie Murphy’s film Coming to America. “I am a loyal citizen of Zamunda!” he said, before being corrected by his wife. 

Luda added, “This is the greatest day of my life.” 

He later shared a photo of himself standing on the stairs of what appears to be a either a large helicopter or a small plane. He captioned the picture, “Now that I’m an official Citizen of Gabon I travel the country a little different. I told them let’s get to Work right away.”

Ludacris and his family spent Christmas and rang in the New Year in Gabon. The rapper and his wife also celebrated their five-year anniversary, according to 11Alive

Fans have taken to social media to praise the rapper and his newly attained dual citizenship.

One Twitter user said, “That is amazing. I’m so glad and maybe it will increase interest in young ones to expand their desire to travel to Africa!”

Meanwhile, another person wrote, “Finally Africa getting the attention it deserves – long overdue. Well done!”

Luda also visited Ghana, which is a two-hour plane ride from Gabon, to celebrate the Year of Return. The Year of Return was an initiative launched to commemorate 400 years since enslaved Africans arrived in the United States, according to YearofReturn.com

The rapper shared a photo of himself while visiting Ghana. “Our ancestors never gave up faith. You can never imprison our minds nor our spirits. They empowered me to return. I have completed the cycle and I’m beginning a new cycle. The chains have been broken and the indomitable resilience of African people triumph #yearofthereturn,” he said in the caption.

Check out the video of Ludacris getting his dual citizenship in Gabon


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