Today (Nov. 1), fans across the world woke up to devastating news that Takeoff, formerly of the hip hop group Migos, was shot and killed. The incident happened just after 2:30 a.m. at a Texas bowling alley called 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston. As previously reported by REVOLT, the fatal shooting was allegedly the result of a heated game of dice.

At the time of the tragedy, former Migos member Quavo, who is also Takeoff’s uncle, was with the rapper. After the pair split from the group earlier this year, they recently established themselves as the rap duo Unc and Phew. Fans were shocked that such a promising life was suddenly cut short over such an irrelevant argument. “We really lost one of the best talents of this generation over a [f**king] dice game. RIP Takeoff, you made your mark,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Others discussed how Takeoff, although one-third of an insanely famous, chart-topping group, managed to stay lowkey and was never involved in any drama. One supporter wrote, “RIP Takeoff. All he ever did was deliver hits and mind his own business. This isn’t fair at all man.” Another tweeted, “Takeoff was the quietest, most unproblematic member of Migos and barely in the media’s spotlight compared to Offset and Quavo, [yet] he still gets shot and killed over a game of dice!?”

The group’s signature style and random ad-libs quickly became a hit with fans. One Twitter user included their easily identifiable outbursts in a tribute post. “It has been confirmed. Takeoff has been reported dead. I can’t believe this. Prayers to his family, Quavo, Offset [and] everyone around him. RIP TAKEOFF. Momma,” they wrote.

As the shock continues to settle in, many are choosing to remember the positive moments. Fans have flooded social media with videos of the group before the fame when they were grinding to achieve the success they ultimately obtained. “Pray for Takeoff’s family/loved ones. No gossip. No speculation. Respect the LIFE that man built for himself. Respect the people that are losing someone so prematurely/[violently]. Respect that THEIR world will never be the same again,” a fan wrote.

We will continue to keep those close to the situation in our thoughts. See related posts below.