As previously reported by REVOLT, yesterday (Oct. 25), radio legend Angie Martinez debuted an episode of her “IRL” podcast featuring Ashanti. In a promo clip, the singer finally addressed rumors about herself allegedly having a secret relationship with Murder Inc. co-founder Irv Gotti. Once the episode dropped, even more details about their dealings came to light.

“You know, when someone is consistently saying to you, ‘You ain’t s**t, f**k you, you not even f**kin’ loyal, I made you, I made the world wanna f**k you,’ you know what I’m saying? He would say, ‘N**gas wanna f**k you ’cause I made you look like that,” Ashanti said during the interview. “’I made you f**kable,’ In those exact words,” she shared, claiming Gotti told her decades ago when she was signed to his label. The songstress is usually private about her personal life, however, Gotti appeared on an August episode of REVOLT’s “Drink Champs” where he discussed their past, prompting a whirlwind of conversation.

“Irv Gotti chatted himself right into sexual harassment allegations. All he had to do was not say s**t and Ashanti was probably never going to address him again,” a fan tweeted. Another added, “Irv Gotti’s toes was curling up in his shoes with glee at the mere mention of Ashanti, now we here, [two plus] months later. See how the F**kboy Boomerang comes back around?” Many were proud that the “Rock Wit U” artist was finally addressing his claims. “Ashanti [is] about to unload the clip. She typically only [speaks] on positive stuff, but I think it’s time to cut up,” a fan wrote.

Others said the older Murder Inc. co-founder was married while trying to seduce the younger singer. “Irv Gotti tries to paint himself as a jilted lover boy who was betrayed (while being married to another woman during all of this btw), but in actuality, he was an obsessive and abusive boss who used his position to bully and take advantage of Ashanti,” a user wrote. Another posted, “Ashanti is so sweet and adorable, man. She like never bothers anybody and just stays on [vacay].” They added that Gotti “was married [and] grooming young Ashanti.”

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