If Boosie Badazz doesn’t do anything else, he will always show up as his authentic self.

Following the “Big Facts Live” panel at the 2022 REVOLT Summit in Atlanta, Georgia in September; the Baton Rouge native caught up with us backstage to discuss why he feels it is his duty to be a voice of the people — no matter what he says. “I’m an open book,” Boosie told REVOLT. “Whatever they ask me, I’m gonna keep it real. I’m gonna be open.” And speaking of being transparent about his own life experiences, the “Wipe Me Down” emcee also talked about the release of his very first book, “Cross the Tracks,” which just so happens to be a memoir.

“[It’s] an in-depth story of Boosie,” said the 39-year-old star. “I’m talking about my mom, my family, my first loves…coming into the rap game. I mean, me as a drug dealer. It’s all there for you to read and it’s a great book. It’s my first book and I’m proud to put it out. It’s gonna inspire a lot of youngsters to be somebody, that’s what it’s gonna do. They’re gonna be like, ‘D**n, if I haven’t been through close to what he’s been through, why am I complaining?’ So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna inspire the younger [generations] to go get it.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Boosie opened up about the loss of his good friend and fellow rapper Trouble this past summer. During the Summit, he said that the violence must stop. “I love what rap has done for my career, but I hate the danger. I hate the danger,” the “Set it Off” lyricist expressed. “We got the most dangerous job in the world. Like, we’re up against a lot as rappers and it’s just sad.”