Without a doubt, Netflix is arguably the best streaming platforms. They always deliver when it comes to providing the best TV shows, documentaries and movies and these days, it has only gotten better. Just last week, Kid Cudi’s critically acclaimed Entergalactic animated series became an instant hit and arrived right on time for the fall season. Although it is abnormal for music artists to dab into film at a high level, the Cleveland superstar made it look easy. His efforts did not go unnoticed and by way it is received by the masses, Cudi may have a future as a movie producer ahead of him. Today (Oct. 14), Netflix delivers Entergalactic: Soundtrack from the Netflix Special

The score was produced entirely by Kid Cudi and multi-platinum, grammy nominated producer Dot da Genius so that could only mean one thing — quality. Those two, together, are somewhat like Kane and The Undertaker when it comes to the music. There’s also an unusual and fascinating backstory to how this came about — Kid Cudi and Dot the Genius actually wrote and recorded the album, Entergalactic, before the Netflix series was ever pitched or began production.

Dot da Genius worked hand-in-hand with Kid Cudi as well as dozens of other people involved with the animation in order to create the score for the series, filling in the banks between album tracks. It was his first time working on such an endeavor so of course, it is a big deal for him.

Check out the magic put together on Entergalactic: Soundtrack from the Netflix Special