Proudly hailing from London, a rising new R&B girl group named FLO is steadily picking up steam. Over the weekend, the trio — made up of Stella, Renée, and Jorja — made their television debut on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The three songstresses delivered a stellar performance of their most popular hit single, “Cardboard Box.” On the track, Stella opens up the song with her confidence-filled lyrics about being ready to move on from her man:

I got a confession, I don’t think I want you anymore/ There’s no room for questions, I saw her panties on the bathroom floor (oh, oh)/ Been putting up with this for far too long, you ain’t gonna change, boy/ What’s the point in stringing me along? We’re done for real/ So I’ma put your s**t in a cardboard box, changing my number and I’m changing the locks/ When you can’t get in, know your heart gon’ stop, you may be crying, but boy, I’m not

“Cardboard Box” is the lead single from their debut EP from earlier this year titled The Lead, a short and sweet body of work that boasts fan-favorites like “Summertime” and “Immature.” Since The Lead, FLO has released their follow-up track, “Not My Job.”

Equipped with a hopeful spirit and raw talent, FLO is just getting started. In a recent interview, Renée delved into her expectations for how far FLO will be able to go in the music industry. “I definitely see us as being trendsetters and leading ladies of our field,” she envisioned. “I really hope that R&B is more of a thing. I really hope that by us doing well, it inspires people and labels to pick up R&B artists to help them be amazing.”

Be sure to check out FLO’s performance of “Cardboard Box” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” down below.