Ray Vaughn continues to drop quality cuts to hold his fans over until his debut LP arrives. His latest drop is “Tradeline (Freestyle),” a Tariq Beats, AyooMeco, Nate Jetson, and Bass Charity-produced offering that made landfall last week and is centered around the artist’s past struggles and current successes:

“I’ll blow the whole house down with a .40, little b**ch, don’t play with the big bad wolf, feeling kinda stingy today, don’t play with your life, little b**ch, you can get that took, I like walk around with my hair like woah, break bread, gotta make sure everybody full, joined with the wizard ’cause I ain’t with the bull, Top Dawg, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Pitbull, these days I got the whole hood watching me like a bootleg DVD, these days all my diamonds dance on me like I gotta pee-pee-pee…”

The accompanying clip for “Tradeline (Freestyle)” begins with a shot of the Long Beach emcee in a conflict that seems to end the moment he wields a gun. Viewers can then see him delivering his rhymes in front of a residence before pulling off in a white Rolls-Royce convertible with a couple of beautiful women.

Last year, Ray Vaughn announced his signing to Top Dawg Entertainment with the three-song EP Peer Pressure, along with a message explaining its creation:

“I’d love to tell you how I created the project, but to tell you the truth, to revisit the place of brutal honesty these songs came from is a chaotic process. Don’t take me too seriously, honestly, just learn to have fun.”

Since then, he’s continued to keep his fans fed with songs like “59th & Bethany,” “Picking Cherries,” “Potential,” “Mannequin,” and “Dawg House” with Isaiah Rashad. He also provided the theme song for the animated TV series “The Freak Brothers.” Press play on Ray Vaughn’s “Tradeline (Freestyle)” video below.