As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. In this case, none of us had Migos breaking up on our bingo cards for 2022 and it really threw us all for a loop. As unfortunate as it may be, there is some good that can come from the situation for all parties involved. We are fresh into the fourth quarter and it is prime time for artists to get their s**t off before the new year comes. Today (Oct. 7), Quavo & Takeoff (currently known as Unc & Phew) take full advantage of this point in time with the release of their new LP Only Built For Infinity Links.

With this new album marking a new journey for the two, Quavo & Takeoff are looking to keep their momentum going and doing what people are claiming they cannot. The two studied legendary rap duos of old throughout the album’s conception, and paid homage to them in the cover art and title. They borrowed the black-and-white background from OutKast’s iconic Stankonia cover, the title from Ghostface and Raekwon’s 1995 classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, and their poses are meant to resemble Jay-Z and Kanye West during their Watch The Throne era. The title also reflects the modern-day Cuban link, the micro welded infinity link, that is the strongest jewelry link out right now. The name literally translates to how Quavo and Takeoff’s bond is unbreakable and will last forever, like the infinity link.

Equipped with 18 records in total, the duo called on some stand-out features including NBA Youngboy, Young Thug, Gunna, Summer Walker and more! Check out Only Built For Infinity Links now.