G Herbo has been one of the most lethal spitters in the game for quite some time now. Since he stepped on the scene in the early 2010’s, the Chicago rapper has applied an endless amount of pressure and hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down any time soon. The Go (Chicago) has always produced some of the best wordsmiths, uncut/hidden gems if you will. Much like Lil Durk, Polo G, Saba, and many more, G Herbo has always put on for the city and will continue to be a great representation of what Chicago has to offer, rap wise.

Today (Oct. 7), the “Blues” rapper brings forth Side A of his fifth studio album Survivor’s Remorse and it is truly some of his best rapping to date.

In recent times, the popular narrative to roll with is “G Herbo raps off beat” — we all know how social media can get with the monkey see, monkey mindset. However, none of that noise managed to deter Herbo from doing what he does best — rapping at a high level. Survivor’s Remorse serves as the follow up to Herb’s 25 album and fans have been anticipating his next drop since then, but the wait is finally over.

Earlier yesterday, Herbo linked up with AZae Productions for another epic performance for Zae’s “On The Block” series. As the video made its way around the internet, fans immediately noticed his nod to Lil Wayne‘s classic record “Gossip” with the opening line. This not only got fans more hype for the release, it further proved the naysayers wrong about his lyrical abilities.

Press play on Side A of Survivor’s Remorse and be on the lookout for Side B, coming Oct. 10.