There were some major moments at the 2022 REVOLT Summit x AT&T. From Gucci Mane admitting he regrets the infamous “Pookie” mention during last year’s Verzuz to Ray J discussing cancel culture with Nene Leakes and Amber Rose, gems were shared. NBA legend Dennis Rodman was also present and dropped an exclusive bombshell about his relationship with fellow athlete Shaquille O’Neal.

While speaking with former NFL player Brandon Marshall for a live session of “Beyond The Rim” on Sept. 24, Rodman revealed he and Shaq didn’t start off on the best of terms. “Give me the most legendary Dennis Rodman story that no one has ever heard,” Marshall said during the discussion. Almost without hesitation, the basketball great claimed O’Neal didn’t like him when he joined the Lakers.

“You know what, guys? This is a true story,” Rodman began as he addressed the audience. “Jerry Buss (former majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers), he loved Black people. That guy [was] cool as hell. Shaq didn’t like me because I was more famous than him,” the former Chicago Bulls player shared.

Surprised, Marshall asked him to repeat himself. “That’s for real,” Rodman insisted. He continued, “When I came in, they catered to me.” The athlete went on, adding that Buss was the one who approached him with the opportunity. “Dennis, would you like to come play for the Lakers?” the businessman reportedly asked. Rodman was taken aback by the offer. “Jerry, you’re f**king with me,” he replied.

Rodman shared that Buss’ offer came with “champagne” and “eight girls,” and added that the team’s executives fired their coach the day he arrived. The Trenton, New Jersey native claimed this didn’t sit well with the Kazaam star. “Shaq didn’t like that because he knew that that sunshine of light wasn’t on his a** no more,” Rodman shared.

The eccentric athlete said Shaq’s attitude didn’t phase him. “I don’t really give a s**t, man. Long as you doing well in your life, that’s what I care about.”