Gunna has officially made his acting debut. The rapper made an appearance in the most recent episode of Donald Glover’s “Atlanta.”

In the scene from the episode that premiered last night (Sept. 29), Gunna appears alongside character Paper Boi who is portrayed by actor Brian Tyree Henry and the two are playing a game of Uno. At one point during the interaction, the “Drip Too Hard” rapper accuses Paper Boi of cheating after he slams down a wild card and announces that the new color of the round is yellow. “You know I ain’t got no more yellow cards,” said Gunna.

From there, Glover appears with his and Paper Boi’s Aunt Jeanie, who ultimately kicks everyone out of the studio. This is the first acting cameo for Gunna who first began making music at the age of 15, and it appears to be the perfect mix for the Atlanta native as the show is centered around the southern city, which is home to some of the biggest names in hip hop. “It’s enormous how many diamonds we got that come up out of Atlanta,” said the 29-year-old entertainer in a previous interview. “I don’t care what side it’s from, we trending on every side. We do it as a whole for Atlanta, though. It’s all different, trendy ways of how players kick it.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Gunna has also always been one to reach out to uplift upcoming artists. While referring to himself as the “contract killer,” he gave other musicians advice on how to navigate signing to major labels ahead of launching their career. “You shouldn’t say f**k the labels cause they taking a chance on you,” said the “Banking On Me” emcee. “When they give you money, they taking the risk too. It’s up to you to really make this money back and go make more money, and like for like all like the young artists who are coming up, like, I wanna tell them just, like, man don’t look at it as, like, it’s a bad deal.”