Kodak Black continues to give back to his community. Yesterday (Sept. 27), the Floridian star took to Instagram to reveal that he paid the rent for 28 families who were facing eviction from their homes. In addition to covering backpay, he also handled costs for subsequent months:

“28 families was bout to get evicted for being behind on their rent a few months … I paid what they owed and also paid their rents for the next few months, so they good for the [remainder] of the year.”

In addition to that display of charity, Kodak’s stylist Ana Arada also shared a recent image showing the rapper blessing a friend by covering their entire baby registry:

“[Kodak Black] really is the most giving, thoughtful person. Surprised his friend with the entire baby registry list and more, filled the entire back of the pickup truck and pulled up to his baby shower a few days ago.”

Stories of Kodak providing aid to those in need are anything but new. As previously reported by REVOLT, last month saw him donating thousands of cases of water to Haiti. This was further explained by his attorney Bradford Cohen:

“[Kodak] has been working on this for months … Coordinating with the government of Haiti, speaking to teams on the streets. Trying to get the violence to stop and the people of Haiti out of poverty. Building back Haiti quietly for the past year without any fanfare. While others speak about it he is doing it.”

Prior to that, the “Tunnel Vision” talent gave 5,000 turkeys to Florida families, contributed resources to an event for breast cancer survivors, donated $20,000 to the child of a police officer who succumbed to COVID-19, and delivered 100 air conditioners to his former neighborhood in Pompano Beach — all within the past year. Check out a snapshot of Kodak’s IG message about his latest act of giving below.