If you did not make it to the REVOLT Summit x AT&T this year, you most certainly missed out. Not only did you miss a well-orchestrated effort, you fumbled the opportunity to network with some of the dopest individuals on a grand scale. 2022’s REVOLT Summit was filled with some amazing talent and hardworking creatives from across the globe and as always, it was a weekend to remember. Throughout the two-day event, there were notable panel discussions as well as memorable performances and in the midst of it all, genuine connections and relationships were established. It was almost impossible to attend the 2022 REVOLT Summit and leave without gaining some valuable insight, advice, or connection that could play an important role in elevating your career.

“Stick close to your story, your own personal truth, and your conviction, but avoid rigidity at all costs,” John Petty III stated during his “The Future of Commerce” keynote speech. “Don’t be afraid to evolve, take another step, or try a new thing. Examine all of the angles of the way you can tell your own story and invite new members to contribute to that.”

Overall, the 2022 REVOLT Summit was an opportunity to step your game up on all fronts. In the midst of it all, we got the chance to connect with seven attendees in real time to find out their favorite parts of the event. Check out their responses below!

1. Bree Specific, Radio Personality and Event Host

“I would say my favorite moment of the REVOLT Summit was the influencers, music execs and artists actually taking the time to come out and talk to the people. I saw people like Elliott Wilson and I saw Pretty Vee walk out and she was very personable with her fans. Elliott Wilson was very personable, you can walk up and talk to him and ask any questions you have about the music industry. I feel like that type of insight is dope because you don’t always have a chance to do the Q&A during a panel so just having that type of direct interaction in person, it means a lot to me as a creative in the music industry.”

2. Joycie Jayy, Journalist and PR Specialist

“A super amazing part of the REVOLT Summit for me was the panels. I think having those panels with those type of speakers was super informative. They dropped so many gems and I honestly felt like I was in church. The messages were so powerful from each moderator and speaker. Listening to the different segments and influencers and entrepreneurs was really empowering and super motivational for me.”

3. Ronald “Wink” Woodall, Founder/CEO of The Talent Connect

“What I loved most about the REVOLT Summit was the Black love. We represent a beautiful culture and coming here to be apart of this type of greatness is history in the making in so many ways. I came here with the intent of meeting new people, making new connections and things of that nature. So far, my expectations have been exceeded by a large margin, and I’m really proud and appreciative of all of the dope talent and creatives I’ve come across so far. Shoutout to you brother Detavio Samuels for holding it down at REVOLT.”

4. Elliott Wilson, CCO for TIDAL and Founder/CEO of Rap Radar

“I’m gonna be biased and say that my favorite moment of the 2022 REVOLT Summit was MY moment, man. Getting that Gucci Mane interview. It was special. I appreciate Guwop. Shoutout to him and shoutout to my man P from Quality Control. Outside of that moment, I just enjoy the energy here and meeting these creatives out here. Shoutout Detavio, shoutout Puff. It’s a beautiful event. I plan to be here every year, man. REVOLT Summit is special. Make sure you support going forward. They’re doing some amazing things over at REVOLT.”

5. Atiyana Crawley, Model, Actress and Host

“What I enjoyed most about the REVOLT Summit was getting to know so many Black creatives in this space and helping build and lift each other up. Looking around right now at all of these people making new relationships and good vibes everywhere is essential for all of us, and I feel like this year’s REVOLT Summit might be the best one I’ve attended yet. I will definitely be back next year because this type of thing can only enhance me — not only as a Black woman but as a Black entrepreneur in this world, and I am so thankful to be here right now. I really feel bad for everyone who could not pop out to this event because baby … what are you doing?”

6. Dominique Baker, Celebrity Droner and Cinematographer

“I’m not gonna lie. My favorite part about the 2022 REVOLT Summit was being able to showcase my abilities as a droner. Capturing the Gucci Mane interview with ‘Rap Radar’ was dope as hell for me. Getting the opportunity to capture the energy of the Summit was a dream come true, and connecting with all of these influencers and everybody was super dope. I got to put my talent on display while catching and highlighting some of the biggest moments here.”

7. Marvin Malone, Creative Project Manager for NBC Universal and Founder/CIO for Marvin’s Room Productions

“My favorite part of the REVOLT Summit has been connecting with so many different people from around the country. Also, finding so many contacts from creatives that I can utilize when I leave here — and honestly learning more about the industry and getting insight on things I did not know and things I have been wondering about.”