Arby’s may have the meat, but it is not letting up on its “beef” with McDonald’s after releasing another diss track against their archrival, tapping Pusha T for the fatal flow.

On Tuesday (Sept. 27), in a new interview with Complex, the Virginia Beach MC talked about the new song and his relationship with the sandwich restaurant. “The business relationship between Arby’s and me is really strong because we’re both just very passionate and very committed to the quality that we put out,” Pusha stated. “That’s what I’ve noticed, synonymously, myself and my music, and with them, it’s the food and the product and just making everything connect and making the storylines connect.”

He added, “They have a different level of commitment and focus that I’ve never seen in working with another brand. Any time they bring up these activations and these ideas, I’m always open for a listen because they are very, very meticulous about what it is that they do.”

Pusha shared that he believes the relationship works because Arby’s is “committed to making sure that” he is comfortable with their working relationship. “These things don’t work a lot. They don’t,” he said. “And they don’t work a lot unless the synergy is organic. Anytime you have a story that people can refer back to when you can make those links and make those connections, it makes everything just way more interesting. It’s watching a documentary on something that’s happening in culture, but you can go back and see the backstory, see the origins, see where these people connected from the beginning and why it ends up here.”

The “Diet Coke” rapper confirmed that he has been working on new music and revealed that his team will always have a competitive side. However, it fuels him to make the best music possible. “I’m just working on some super special projects, man. Everyone I’m working with is feeling very competitive, trying not to be outdone,” he expressed. “That just makes my job harder because I’m trying to outdo producers who are also great artists who are also great rappers and composers. [So] that makes my battle twice as hard. But it makes for the best rap music.”

You can watch the official music video for “Rib Roast” down below: