The REVOLT Summit x AT&T returned to Atlanta this year and it was honestly one of the best yet. Over the two-day event, creatives from all over the nation connected to network, grow and expand across the board and as always, it was a beautiful thing to witness. Flooded with entrepreneurs, music execs, upcoming music artists and more, 2022’s REVOLT Summit was filled with nothing short of positive energy and high vibrations. It should be known by now that this type of event is not your average meet-and-greet exchange. At the REVOLT Summit, like-minded individuals arrive with somewhat of a keen understanding of their respective industries and leave with a new, fresh outlook on their creative journeys.

“We believe that in our history, there are blockbusters. We believe that in this room, there is probably the person who can create the next Marvel Universe. We believe that in this room, there is probably the person that can create the next ‘Game Of Thrones.’ We believe that in this room, there is probably somebody that can create the next Pixar Universe,” REVOLT CEO Detavio Samuels stated during the Summit. “And for that reason, we’ve shifted our focus from disrupting music to disrupting media because stories are what defines us. Stories are how the world sees us. Stories shape how we see and think about ourselves.”

While there was a lot to soak in, we caught up with seven REVOLT Summit attendees to find out their most life-changing lessons learned. Check out what they had to say below!

1. Crown Harris, Recording Artist and Songwriter

“The future Of REVOLT opened my eyes to the access that our culture has. I love how they are using Black women to lead into the next era of entertainment and digital content. I really look forward to attending every year from now on and soaking up this free knowledge and game from these dope and amazing talents, and I also learned that you can be whoever you want to be in this world if you truly put your mind and grind to it”

2. Jason Edwards, Recording Artist and Producer

“This year’s REVOLT Summit taught me that we are the network. The next thing could be right beside you in entertainment, but you wouldn’t know unless you are amongst the culture. I also learned that you always have to stay hungry no matter what level of success you reach. It’s easy to get stagnant and comfortable, but you always have to stay hungry. When you become full, you become lazy and that is something no one wants to happen.”

3. Latrell Phillips, Multimedia Journalist and Publicist

“REVOLT Summit is a great networking opportunity to gather information, knowledge and wisdom on the entertainment industry, television, film, music and entertainment. You’re around so many Black creativities, it’s a great experience. It’s very riveting to say the least and super motivating for myself and the work I’m doing in this industry. I really want to be one of the best at what I do and the REVOLT Summit helped further my drive and ambition by teaching me the keys to success in this line of work along with giving me more confidence in my abilities as a journalist and publicist.”

4. RushDee Williams, Multiplatinum Producer and Songwriter

“One thing I took away from the REVOLT Summit is that I see that REVOLT is in the process of bridging the gap between the everyday dreamer and the people that are actually in the music, entertainment, and gaming industry. I just got back from the BMI Awards and I’m seeing a lot of creatives I saw there and at the Sony Music conference. It’s really the power of networking and coming together to build things that are bigger than ourselves, and I applaud REVOLT for their efforts to change and shift the culture for the better, and I look forward to coming back next year to soak up more gems from the panels to help elevate my own craft.”

5. Galesalvo, Recording Artist and Songwriter

“So being here at the REVOLT Summit 2022, I’ve learned that REVOLT is expanding the number of Black creatives globally on a very high level and making it to where we can work amongst each other and not go outside of that. Attending some of the panels taught me that there is opportunity for all of us, but we have to be diligent enough to go after the things we want in this industry.”

6. D. Sims, Multiplatinum Producer and Engineer

“The most life-changing thing I took away from the REVOLT Summit is the power of relationships and how they can get you in the room. Shaking hands for one night and following up on it the next night has gotten me so many places, and I wish I would have learned this sooner. It has gotten me way further — in one summer — than in my 10-plus-year career. Not only is REVOLT bringing us as Black creatives together for something so innovative, they are making history in front of our eyes and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2023!”

7. Krema Davis, Artist Development

“One thing I’ve learned from the REVOLT Summit this year is to be yourself, always. When you’re genuine and true to yourself and your craft, good things will always gravitate toward you, and having a pure heart with pure intentions in this industry can take you very far with whatever it is you want to do. I also learned that you can’t be afraid to fail. I’ve seen way too many people not reach their fullest potential because they’re scared that things may not work out the way they want or they try to compare their journeys to other people’s journey and you can’t do that. You have to stay in your own lane and do what God called for you to do and your moment will come when the time is right!”