Pusha T is back in the studio cooking up new heat.

Earlier this year, the Virginia native released his fourth studio album, It’s Almost Dry, and now he’s sharing details on his forthcoming body of work. “I’m working on my new solo album, Pusha explained in a clip shared by Spotify. “I’m working on an extremely special project to me right now, which I am not going to get into.”

Furthermore, Pusha also took a minute to recognize what he brings to the rap game. “It’s just all about music and staying competitive and just showing that there is a space for what it is that I do in hip hop,” he continued. “That what I do in hip hop is the most credible space and takes the most talent and is just…the realest.” In May, the 45-year-old entertainer previewed unreleased music during an interview with GQ.

“This is a new era for me, for sure,” said Pusha. “Don’t you hear the flows, you hear the tones, you hear the character? Listen, remember what Big sounded like in ’94? Then he turned to the [smoother] Frank White persona by ’96.” Pusha explained. “By ’97 it was full blown. And by the time the transformation is done, [my craft] will be mastered and ready. You’ll have a niche project.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, the U.S. isn’t the only place where Pusha’s music is championed. Just this month, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence used lyrics from his 2013 song “Numbers On The Board” in an effort to show their stance against Vladimir Putin and Russia. “I put numbers on the board,” read a tweet from the Ukraine organization accompanied by a chart of its total combat losses of Russian enemies from Feb. 24 to Sept. 7. They also tagged Pusha in the post. The rapper responded to the news with a tweet that read, “Great taste in music for the win…”