On Oct. 21, Babyface will release his highly anticipated album, Girls Night Out. The project will feature vocals from some of today’s hottest female R&B artists, including Ella Mai, Queen Naija, Ari Lennox, Kehlani, Doechii, and many others. Girls Night Out is co-produced by Babyface and Rika Tischendorf, and fans have already been able to enjoy strong previews like “Seamless” featuring Kehlani and “Keeps On Fallin” featuring Ella Mai.

Today (Sept. 16), Babyface returns with the latest offering from the project, a brand new single titled “Game Over” featuring Queen Naija. On the track, the songstress opens up with her lyrics about a man who is trying to deceive her:

You must got me fucked up, n***a you must got f**ked up, can’t believe you had me all up in my feelings thought you lucked up/ You thought you had a dumb one, probably thought that I was not paying attention but I’m on to you and I can see that dog in you/ Especially when you started acting out irrationally, givin your energy to h**s who ain’t even half of me, n***a that’s blasphemy/ What do I do, what do I do, what do I do

“So HONORED to be a part of this LEGENDARY album with Babyface and the rest of so many amazing women artists,” Naija wrote on Instagram about the collaboration. “Thank you for having me a part! This definitely gives me old school R&B vibes.”

To increase the anticipation for the album, Babyface also recently revealed the official Girl’s Night Out cover art. For the vibrant design, he recruited the highly acclaimed, self-taught modern artist Ricky (Rico) Heeraman. Hailing from the Bronx, Heeraman found inspiration in urban graffiti art and uses geometry to separate each unique story in his art pieces.

Be sure to press play on Babyface’s brand new single “Game Over” featuring Queen Naija down below.