Yesterday (Sept. 12), PnB Rock was fatally shot during a robbery at the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles. The abrupt news sent shock waves throughout the hip hop community and as more and more people continue to find out, the social media reactions have started to trickle in as well.

G Herbo was one of the first to speak out and reposted a photo of PnB Rock on his Instagram Story with the caption: “You just f**ked me up gang. S**t break my heart! Love you bro. God bless yo family.”

Tee Grizzley shared a carousel post on Instagram of some of his favorite memories with the Philly rapper, including ones of them having fun at a wedding together, giving each other gifts, and vibing out to music. “Love you broski. You was a real friend I’ll never forget you,” Grizzley wrote.

After acknowledging he doesn’t usually speak on deaths, Kodak Black also posted a few words to his Instagram Story and shared he recently spoke to PnB about his comeback. “Smh PnB was my boy. I was just [on the phone] with ’em last night!” wrote Kodak. “We be talkin’ about him comin’ back out and poppin’ his s**t again in this rap s**t.”

Chika reflected on a time where the “Selfish” singer showed her kindness at a photo shoot. “PnB Rock was one of the first people I met out here,” she wrote on Twitter. “I remember being tucked away at a shoot feeling out of place and he went to the director and told them to make sure to prioritize me the same way. He was gentle and kind with me, a newcomer and stranger.

You can view the full aforementioned tweets along with other reactions from the hip hop community down below.