As previously reported by REVOLT, Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed during a robbery at the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles on Monday (Sept. 12) afternoon.

A gruesome video floating around on Twitter shows PnB Rock, 30, fighting for his life in a pool of blood moments before he was pronounced dead by law enforcement.

According to TMZ, a source said that it appeared the shooter targeted the rapper because no one else was shot or assaulted and there were lots of people eating inside the restaurant. The source also told the media outlet that it appears the shooter snatched jewelry off of PnB Rock and fled the scene. There are surveillance cameras inside of the restaurant, so it could help police apprehend the shooter.

Social media is in shambles as fans react to the rapper’s tragic death. Twitter user Omg_isha2 said, “That video of PNB Rock shot and laying in his own blood should have never hit the internet. We’re so numb to this s**t and lack common fucking decency and decorum. He has a family that shouldn’t have to see that. Everything ain’t meant to be shared. Damn.”

“That Pnb Rock shit just pissed me off. You can do everything right and some p**sy will come take your life because they feel like they deserve something YOU worked for,” SheerOpulence2 tweeted.

“PnB Rock really died because of the greed of bummy a** niggas. Disgusting. Rest In Peace to the fallen,” tweeted Vicecs.

“PNB Rock is a celebrity. Anyone in that establishment could’ve hit someone up and said he was there. I know everyone on Twitter like to be detectives and want to use everything as a teaching moment, but I’m not bout to talk about his girl posting their location. We don’t know,” Brothergram expressed on Twitter.

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