T.I. has questions that he needs answered after learning that the Atlanta Falcons’ new anthem did not include artists from the city. The new “Rise Up” song is performed by actor-singer Rotimi. The video for the track was shared on the team’s Instagram account on Saturday (Sept. 10).

In the song, Rotimi sings “Red, black, and white, yeah/ We gone rise up/ ATL that city, we go higher” before going into a full verse about the team’s roster and skill on the gridiron. While the song’s melodic vibe is catchy, Falcons fans, including T.I. were left feeling perplexed.

The “Bring Em Out” artist let his feelings be known in an 11-minute video he posted to social on Saturday. “Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons listen, who in the f**k did you call, bro? Who did you call?” he asked. T.I. continued by saying, “I ain’t got no problem with Rotimi. Rotimi is a good cat, man. I f**k with Rotimi. He a brother, he’s an ally. He’s a brother and we f**k with him.” See the “Rise Up” video below.

But when it comes to the roster of musical acts that have helped to put Atlanta on the music scene, T.I. wanted to know why the organization elected to choose a singer who is a “friend of the city.” “We have so much culture, so much talent in the city, man. So many hardcore, die-hard Falcon fans that happen to be A-list talent in the city,” explained the ATL actor.

His rant continued with him naming several artists he believed would have been more than willing to come up with an anthem for the Falcons. “Who did you call? I know Quavo would’ve did it. I know 2 Chainz would’ve did it. I know Killer Mike would’ve did it. I mean, I would’ve did it. I know Jeezy would’ve did it. N**ga, bruh, who approved that? Who’s sitting in these meetings?”

T.I. added that he feels the lack of Atlanta artists on the track will only create hard feelings between fans and the team. “Bruh, I just hate to see it. I hate to see it ‘cause now you starting the season off with automatic animosity between you and the fans. Why? Why? Why create such a wedge for yourself?” See online reactions to the new anthem and hear what all T.I. had to say by checking out the post below.