As previously reported by REVOLT, Buckingham Palace has announced the passing of England’s own Queen Elizabeth II. She was 96 years old. The queen ruled the country for 70 years, receiving both praise and criticism.

As news of the queen’s passing has reached social media worldwide, Black Twitter has taken this opportunity to educate people on the Queen’s reign and to express their feelings about her death.

Several Twitter users wondered how Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, was reacting to the news. One commenter, @big_business_, shared a meme video of Snoop Dogg crying, captioned, “Meghan Markle at the crib.” @DDotOmen commented, “Meghan Markle giving the Queen’s eulogy,” while sharing a video of Riley Freeman from “The Boondocks.”

Another account, @Akzyy, shared a video of WWE wrestlers Randy Orton and The Undertaker saying, “The Queen when Meghan Markle comes to say her goodbyes.” Finally, @Tweetsbybob_ shared a video of actress Lisa Rinna trying on a gold crown, captioning it, “Meghan Markle in Buckingham Palace right now.”

The first wife of Prince Charles and mother of Prince William and Harry, Princess Diana, was also discussed on Twitter. In 1997, Diana died after suffering from injuries due to a car accident. Twitter user @WhateverEST1997 posted a video of WWE wrestlers The Undertaker and Mankind. The video shows the latter being thrown off the top of a cage. The caption reads, “Princess Diana seeing Queen Elizabeth at the gates of heaven.”

@spicybabew shared a meme of a young woman held back with a brick in her hand, captioning it, “Princess Diana [is] getting ready to greet Queen Elizabeth II in the afterlife.” Twitter account @Parasocialyte called out the disrespect placed on Princess Diana, saying, “Very disrespectful to post jokes about Princess Diana fighting the queen in heaven. We all know she isn’t going to heaven.”

Our condolences go out to the Royal Family during this profoundly sad time.

You can see all of the reactions to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing down below: