A drop tower carnival ride malfunctioned and crashed into the ground in Punjab, India, injuring over a dozen people. The incident on Sunday’s (Sept. 4) video shows the ride malfunctioning at 50 feet in the air, sending it plummeting to the ground. Several passengers’ seats can be seen bouncing from the force of the impact.

At the time of the incident, the traveling carnival was in Mohali, Punjab. Mohali Deputy Superintendant of Police Harsimran Singh Bal confirmed the incident occurred on Sunday, adding that 16 people were injured.

Nikhil Choudhary, a journalist for Hindi-language broadcaster TV9, who was at the fair, tweeted a clip of the incident. He confirmed that there were children on the ride at the time of the crash. As reported by The Insider, Choudhary said he didn’t see any emergency vehicles present at the time of the accident but that ambulances arrived a few minutes after.

However, moments after the crash were chaotic according to Jaspreet Kaur, an eyewitness. “We picked up the injured and rushed [them] to the hospital. There was no ambulance, and even the bouncers of the fete [rides] were trying to threaten us. Later, the employees of the organizers also fled the scene.”

The Hindustan Times reports that the ride was supposed to end on Aug. 31. However, it was extended until Sept. 11. Sunny Singh, the organizer of the carnival, said they are investigating the cause of the malfunction. “We will find out how this happened. It seems there was a technical issue,” Singh said. “Earlier, too, we organized several fetes [rides], but this has never happened. We will cooperate with the police and administration.”