Rick Ross has become not only a recognized figure in hip hop, but he is also revered as a business mogul. When it comes to acknowledging those who helped pave a way for him, Ross is giving props to JAY-Z.

“JAY, man, is a super real motherf**ker. Let’s get straight to the point,” said “The Biggest Boss” while speaking about the impact the billionaire mogul has had on his business prowess. “That was the first mohterf**ker to take me to Philippe Chow. And I remember we was in Manhattan and then we went to Philippe Chow. And you know, it was just basically one of those things, ‘What’s your goals?’” Ross recalled while speaking with Jake Paul on the Sept. 1 episode of his YouTube series “BS With Jake Paul.”

While serving as president and CEO of Def Jam Records, JAY-Z signed Ross to his first major record deal in 2006. With JAY at the helm of the iconic hip hop label, it once again became recognized as a formidable home for rap music. Ross stayed with the label for a decade. Reflecting on his time under the mentorship of the “Moment of Clarity” lyricist, he continued with his story.

He said JAY asked him, “‘I know you got a hit record. I hear ya album. Your album dope, but what do you really want out of the game?’” He told the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder, “’S**t, I’m 10 toes in. I’m really ‘finna go all out. I’m really ‘finna enjoy the ride. I really enjoy making music.’ It was almost one of those things you just came to get some quick money, you going in, and I’m like, ’S**t, my second album finished right now.’”

The “F**kwithmeyouknowigotit” rapper further declared that there is no way for anyone to honestly say the Grammy-winning artist has not obtained widespread influence. He explained, “Any artist that’s saying JAY-Z didn’t influence from his generation down wouldn’t be honest. JAY most definitely took the game to another level, business standpoint. We already know what he’s capable of music-wise, lyrical-wise, but also the entrepreneurship.” Watch the full interview below.