Lil Wayne was serious when he told fans that Tha Carter VI would soon be on the way. The rapper made the announcement during Young Money’s reunion performance in Toronto last month.

“I’m working on Carter VI, coming soon!” Wayne said before dropping the mic and walking to the back of the stage. The crowd of thousands of onlookers roared with excitement. Fans have been awaiting confirmation that the “Dope N**gaz” rapper was working on his next installment of Tha Carter series since his last album release in 2018.

Since announcing the impending release of new music, Wayne has been mum when it comes to details like a tentative release date or which artists, if any, will be featured on the LP. For those who have doubts that Tha Carter VI is really in the works, The Diplomats group member Juelz Santana may have provided the proof that was needed to debunk those concerns.

In an Instagram post, Santana showed video clips of him and Wayne in the studio. At one point, Tunechi is seen standing at the recording console listening to a beat, in another clip he is seen in the booth rapping, and in a third, the New Orleans native is seen playing an impressive riff on an electric guitar. All the while, Santana was capturing bits and pieces of the process to bring a Wayne track to fruition. He captioned the Sept. 1 post, “CARTER 6 In Process… #ICFMF Lifeslstyle #WeInMotion #BackOutSide.”

The emcees previously worked together on a mixtape titled I Can’t Feel My Face in the early 2000s, but the finished product was never released. Instead, Wayne repurposed the music for his album I Am Not A Human Being II. Like many of his and Wayne’s fans, Santana has remained hopeful that their joint mixtape will one day reach completion. “We are never not working on music outside of each other, as well as together, so for us to do a I Can’t Feel My Face project is definitely not unlikely to happen,” he told TMZ in July.

Check out a video of the Santana and Wayne’s studio session below.