Earlier this month, Kyle The Hooligan released the infectious cut “Say My Name,” a melodic offering that sees him rapping about past love during harder times and his current success now:

“Old school Camaro the first time we made love, slept in the front seat the sun had to wake us, told you I love you the best with no make-up, I was chasing dreams I had to get my cake up, felt like you cared until your heart got lost, told you be patient I would pay the cost, told you give me time I would be a boss, you couldn’t wait baby you triple-crossed…”

“Say My Name” also comes with an artsy matching visual courtesy of Trill Art that begins with Kyle entering a room with a violinist standing in its center. Ballet dancers suddenly enter to add to the track’s vibes, occasionally donning masks throughout. This is the kind of clip that should spark different kinds of interpretation from his viewers upon watching.

“Say My Name” follows a series of singles from the rising talent, including songs like “Highs and Loews,” “Enemies,” “Brand New Bentley,” “Monte Carlo,” and “Six Speed” this year alone. Back in July, he teamed up with Teflon Saga for the six-song EP Far From Paradise. Outside of his own work, Kyle The Hooligan was the voice behind the now-controversial AI concept FN Meka, a product of which he is now speaking out against after being unfairly used and mistreated by its creators. Kyle can be heard explaining further on his Instagram, along with a short description attached to the video:

“Used me for my voice my likeness and the culture got 10 million TikTok followers and a Big record deal off what I created then ghosted me…”

Press play on “Say My Name” below.