Over the weekend, videos began to surface online of a disturbing, racist incident that reportedly happened in Atlanta. A woman used her cell phone to record a white man who she says was stealing her prepaid gas. As she confronted him about it, the white man, who was driving a company car and wearing a company uniform, called her a “Black b**ch.”

The incident is said to have happened at a QT gas station on North Druid Hills in Atlanta. As the woman records him filling his tank, he then attempts to place the nozzle back in the holder. She’s heard saying, “I think this is who he works for.” The woman shows a white van that says, “ENTEK.” The same logo is seen on his shirt. ENTEK is an HVAC, building automation and energy services company based in Buford, Georgia. “Move your hand out the way before I smash it,” he threatens.

Shocked, the woman stops speaking but continues to record. Her face briefly appears on camera and she seems hurt by his actions and words. Before getting in his car to drive off, the man calls her a “Black b**ch.” The footage quickly went viral. Users on social media banded together to call for the termination of his employment.

“Everyone who watches this, please call ENTEK at 770-449-1222. And report this racist. He needs to be fired. Who does this?” a tweet read. Another person said, “Yo, #ENTEK, deal with your gas-stealing, racist employee before your company becomes famous by association. Is this your company standard?”

Yesterday (Aug. 28), ENTEK’s President Pat Burrows released a statement on the company’s LinkedIn page. “We have received numerous calls and messages regarding one of our employees and a recent incident,” he began. Burrows continued, “We are currently investigating this important situation internally. We do NOT in any way condone acts of racism or disregard of others property and require all employees to treat everyone fairly with professionalism, dignity and respect.” He ended the statement announcing that the employee was placed on “unpaid leave.”

For some, this response wasn’t good enough. “Investigate what? Theft and racist abuse on film. I’m sure after careful consideration ENTEK HVAC of Burford, GA. 770-449-1222 will act responsibly in this matter and this employee will receive prompt disciplinary punishment. Right?” a user wrote.