Since their mainstream debut after being featured on Drake’s “In My Feelings” in 2018, the City Girls quickly became fan favorites. Last night (Aug. 11), we got to take a deeper look into the duo’s friendship on REVOLT’s “Caresha Please.” The show’s host and half of the hip hop group, Yung Miami, sat down with group member JT and no topic was off limits. The girls were also joined by “Booty” rapper Saucy Santana.

Ahead of the episode’s premiere, JT tweeted, reminding her supporters to tune in. “Can’t wait til y’all see ‘Caresha Please’ tomorrow, very good, a lot of opening up [and] touchy topics,” she said. As the show began, JT admitted it was “weird” to be interviewed by her friend and group member, however, she was extremely proud that Miami had her very own platform. They started off discussing JT’s time in prison and moved on to how they handled adjusting to the fame.

As they shared laughs and stories, fans were able to see their genuine bond shine. “I really enjoyed watching @YungMiami305 podcast ‘Caresha Please.’ She’s a pretty girl and I love her relationship with the young JT. Not only do they respect each other but they value what they have,” a fan tweeted. Another used the duo to describe how opposites attract: “The new episode of ‘Caresha Please’ was so good. Her [and] JT are really opposites, so they don’t fully click, but they love each other to death. I understand completely.”

Others pointed out more specific moments. “On ‘Caresha please,’ JT said [she’s] super in love but [she’s] a City Girl fa’ sho’. ‘On the first of the month, nothing comes out [of] my account. I don’t even know what a bill is.’ And yes f**king ma’am,” a fan wrote. Another was amazed at their conversation about Americans, Haitians, Cubans and white people. “JT said, ‘Am I American?‘ And I’m weaakkkkkkkk at the confusion!” a tweet read. Overall, the general response was fans, both new and old, praising the two. “I was up late last night and watched an episode of ‘Caresha Please.’ I was fascinated. JT and Caresha are quite the duo,” one person posted. Check out the top tweets below.