A white man in Mississippi has been arrested after posting a video of him attempting to hit Black children with his car, WLOX reports.

The clip, which was shared to Snapchat, shows Mark Hall driving his vehicle toward a group of Black children riding bicycles. In addition to the disturbing video, he can be heard hurling racial slurs toward them.

He laughed and yelled “50 points” as the children quickly moved out of the way to avoid being struck by Hall’s vehicle.

Additionally, Hall can be heard calling them “stupid n*****s” in the clip.

The Mississippi community is both disturbed and outraged by the man’s behavior. One parent expressed that they will not “look the other way” following the incident.

“This is not tolerated anymore,” said Willie Hill, the father of one of the children nearly hit by Hall’s car. “We’re not brushing anything out of the rug. We’re not going to look the other way.”

One of the teens said he managed to escape the vehicle just in time.

“I moved out the way just in time,” said 15-year-old Carmello Thomas. “And then he just kept going and I saw him laugh.”

According to one of the children, Hall did manage to strike one of his bikes.

“I think people like that should get what they deserve when they do stuff like this,” said Jimmy Brooks, another parent whose two sons were among the friend group Hall attempted to attack. “I don’t feel sorry for anyone who does stuff like this. And this community will not keep quiet about anything like that going on around here.”

On Monday (July 25), Brooks and other parents made the move to press charges against Hall.

Other children involved in the incident say that they are willing to forgive Hall for his actions.

“I was never the type to be raised to hate somebody,” said 16-year-old Jaki Holmes. “I don’t have hatred in my heart. Everybody makes mistakes but you can always talk to God and get forgiveness.”