The-Dream has been a certified hitmaker for decades. Over the years, the super producer linked up with a number of legends to put his touch on their projects. Most recently, The-Dream is celebrating his recent collaboration with Beyoncé, “Break My Soul.” The pair have worked together previously on “Single Ladies,” “Flawless,” “Run the World,” “1+1,” and more. He also has repeat credits with Kanye West, and recalled a funny story about a studio session with Bey and Ye during an appearance on Apple Music 1’s “Deep Hidden Meaning Radio with Nile Rodgers.”

Dream recalled Ye falling asleep as they worked on the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cut, “All of the Lights.” He told the host that he was in New York working on Bey’s 4 album. “And Ye didn’t know I was there and he is like, ‘Oh, happy you’re here. I got something I want you to listen to and see if you can put a hook on this thing.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, cool. Let me hear it.’ And this track came on. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy.’ I knew instantly exactly what I wanted to do, instantly.”

Dream said his first take was the version fans are listening to Rihanna sing on the hook. But Ye insisted on more takes. “‘Nah, nah, nah, nah, try another one,'” Dream recollected. “Got another one. ‘Oh, try another one, Dream.’ It’s like, ‘Okay.’ I got to like number eight of the song I did. I look out, Kanye West is sleep. And I’m like, I’m looking through the glass like, ‘Yo, is he asleep?’ B’s like, ‘Yeah, he’s kind of knocked out.’ I’m like, ‘What?'”

But Beyoncé agreed that the first take was the winner. She told Dream, “Actually, Dream, the first hook, that was the one,” and he responded, “I knew it. I knew that was the one.” The-Dream concluded the hilarious story about his collab with Kanye West: “That ended up being the one that Rihanna sings to this day. But that was so hilarious. I’m on idea number eight. He’s been asleep since idea number three.”