Kevin Gates is trending once again, but the reason may shock you. Gates attended Fyter Fest Night on Wednesday night (July 20). He was seated ringside when professional wrestlers Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland singled him out.

Things went zero to 100 when Mark Sterling and Tony Nese asked the rapper to sign a petition removing Lee and Strickland from the AEW event. But when Gates refused to sign, he was met with insults. Sterling called Gates “untrustworthy” and said his “music sucks.” The “2 Phones” rapper got up to confront his new opp, and after a tense staredown, Gates grabbed Sterling’s necklace and punched him in the face.

Although it was staged, it made for an entertaining viral moment. One fan tweeted, “I try not to be too critical or talk about wrestlers I don’t like/find boring, but I will say, watching @iamkevingates punch @TonyNese in the face made me giggle. It was a nice surprise, I love Gates music.”

In other Gates-related news, he recently trended for his appearance on Yung Miami’s “Caresha Please” podcast on June 14. The pair left no stone unturned as they discussed his religion, practicing semen retention, and his sexual fantasies. One of the highlights of the conversation was him confirming that he had sex with his cousin. “Duh,” Gates quipped when Miami asked if he had sex with his cousin. He continued explaining the nature of their relationship: “Me and you cuttin’ up, we thuggin’. I’m talkin’ ’bout a nigga pullin’ yo hair, spittin’ in yo ass, hands tied behind yo back, punchin’ that bitch in yo kidney. I take you to meet my grandmother … and my grandma pulled me to the side like, ‘That’s your cousin.’” He said they’re not first cousins, and he doesn’t care anyway. “I ain’t ’bout to stop! The damage is already done,” he said.